The Promise Institute Working Group on the use of International Criminal Law to protect the environment

In February 2020, a group of experts – scholars and practitioners – came together at the Promise Institute for Human Rights at UCLA Law to discuss the use of international criminal law to protect the environment and halt or mitigate climate change.

The working group focused on researching a definition of ecocide, and supported the work of the Expert Drafting Panel convened by the Stop Ecocide Foundation.

Members of the working group:

Kate Mackintosh, Chair

Jelena Aparac

Seun Bakare

Shirleen Chin

Matthew Gillett

Prashant Khurana

Nema Milaninia

Gita Parihar

Jessica Peake

Darryl Robinson

Richard Rogers

Maud Sarliève

Additional participants in inaugural workshop:

Anastacia Greene

Richard Dicker

Jina Jeong

Maximo Langer

Anita Ramasastry

Matiangai Sirleaf

Richard Steinberg

Sophie Toor

Students who have supported the Working Group and this website with legal research:

Amanda Brown, UCLA Law Class of 2020

Hannah Seulgee Jung, UCLA Law Class of 2020

Prashant Khurana, UCLA Law Class of 2020

Ashley Sykora, UCLA Law Class of 2021

Lydia Heye, UCLA Law Class of 2022

Eszter Boldis, UCLA Law Class of 2022

Janina Heller, UCLA Law Class of 2022