Phoebe Okowa and Olivia Flasch, Reflections on Ecocide as a Fifth Crime under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court””
in Carsten Stahn (ed) The International Criminal Court in Its Third Decade (Brill I Nijhoff, 2023) (October 2023)

Threats to the environment and the concomitant climate crisis it has precipitated remains the defining issue of our generation. Since the Stockholm Conference of 1972, there has been a plethora of initiatives on how best to respond to the environmental challenges faced by the global community. The period after the Stockholm Conference witnessed increased international awareness as to the centrality of environmental values and how best to respond to them. However, much of this occurred in an incremental fashion and not all environmental concerns received uniform attention. Many of the responses have largely been in the form of regulatory standards enforced through national institutions and treaty compliance regimes, and there has been profound scepticism at the efficacy of some of these regimes.