Peyman Namamian; Sobhan Tayebi, Comparative Assessment of Environmental Diplomacy Discourse and International Criminal Law in Preventing Environmental Crimes. Jurisprudence and Islamic Law (2023) (December 2023)

Despite great advances in international environmental law and an increased understanding of endangered core values, the response to such catastrophes remains focused on non-criminal solutions. Threats from environmental hazards are rapidly evolving and it seems that within the framework of promotional tools, threats can be prevented by chance and during the commission of environmental crimes; Although there have been significant strategies such as organizational response such as Interpol at the international level or specific regulations at the national level to curb environmental crimes, there is also a need for approaches, including environmental diplomacy as a tool. [This] can be very effective in coordinating government interactions in decision-making on tackling environmental crime. Of course, in the light of the documents of international criminal law, especially the Rome Statute, one can consider the status and territory of the environment and how to protect it; However, international protection of the environment to prevent crimes against it, especially through criminal means, requires a global consensus on interactions and the establishment of environmental diplomacy on the world stage.