Parisa Esteki, Mohsen Abdollahi, and Alireza Arashpuor, Environmental Degradation as a Separate International Crime. Public Law Studies Quarterly, (2023) 53 (3), 1583-1605. (September 2023)

Global environmental crimes could destroy human life; thus, they can be considered as major international crime. In the years since World War II, close attention has been paid to the importance of the environment as well as its health. In various treaties, support and protection of environment against war, chemical and nuclear weapons, as well as other crimes were emphasized. The author of this article believes that in order to prevent environmental crimes, they should be recognized as criminal offences and the perpetrators be punished. Only then they can be classified as separate international crime. Moreover, recent developments in the International Criminal Court’s approach to environmental crimes make it possible for the Court to recognize them as a separate crime and define its policy in its Statute. As a result, this article seeks to explain the possibility of identifying crimes against the environment as separate crimes.