Norouzi, Meisam, and Sanaz Abolghasemi, Environmental Damage: Interfaces between International Criminal Law and International Humanitarian Law. CIFILE Journal of International Law (2023). (September 2023)

In contemporary parlance, the environment and its preservation have emerged as a principal focus and concern for the global populace. This phenomenon is known to escalate during times of armed conflict. Armed conflicts directly impact the environment (such as destroying natural resources or pollution resulting from military operations). The investigation into the ecological destruction inflicted upon the natural world during the two world wars demonstrates that the emphasis on safeguarding the environment is no longer a theoretical notion but a concrete actuality encapsulated within the framework of legal doctrines. The protection of the environment encompasses a diverse array of International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and International Criminal Law (ICL). This study scrutinized the safeguards and preservation of environmental rights in times of armed conflicts, whether domestic or international, through the lenses of ICL and IHL.