John Taggart, Ecocide: A Worthy “Fifth Crime Against Peace”?, THE JOURNAL (Mar. 17, 2014)

This magazine article explores “whether the ICC’s jurisdiction, currently over four groups of crime, is exhaustive and the ecocide lobbying efforts are consequently futile.” Taggart argues that no, ecocide can coexist with the other core crimes “without detracting from each other.” He presents that “the real litmus test” should be the German concept of Weltanschauung,  “which thinks of overriding international interests from one global standpoint.” Drawing upon Higgins’ definition of ecocide, he concludes that “the extensive destruction of the very world we live in” is indeed a transcendent international issue. While he does entertain objections such as the suitability of ICC as the forum for ecocide and the challenge of semantics in defining ecocide, Taggart is in favor of the ecocide campaign overall, adding that “international law must adapt to fundamental constitutive changes.”