Shirleen Chin, Lessons Learned from the Adoption of the Crime of Aggression: Ecocide to Charter its own Path.

This paper will attempt to answer the question “How will the crime of ecocide be introduced effectively into the Rome Statute?” The crime of aggression was the latest and fourth crime to come under the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Code in the Rome Statute. However, the processes it took to get there are not as one expects, particularly if one is not familiar with the history of the crime of aggression and the procedure for the amendment of the Rome Statute. There were peculiarities and hurdles to overcome in amending the Statute to introduce the crime of aggression. Reflecting on these underpinnings and lessons learned thereof, the crime of ecocide may have to charter its own course. Most important to take into account are the strategy and advocacy for political support at each level of the amendment process; it could be the make-or-break factor in ensuring that the campaign to criminalise ecocide at the international level is effective in achieving what it originally sets out to do.