Gwynn MacCarrick & Jackson Maogoto, The Significance of the International Monsanto Tribunal’s Findings with Respect to the Nascent Crime of Ecocide, 48 TEX. ENVTL. L.J. 217 (2018)

This article discusses the proceedings against US-based agricultural corporation, Monsanto, for complicity in war crimes and the crime of ecocide at the International Monsanto Tribunal (IMT), an informal people’s tribunal organized by hundreds of grassroots groups. It argues that Monsanto is, in many respects, an exemplar of the wanton environmental destruction that forms the substance and basis of human rights abuses, war crimes, and the hypothetical crime of ecocide. These symbolic proceedings offer a platform to address large-scale environmental damage. While a people’s court cannot make binding decisions, its findings nevertheless support the efforts of communities across the world to seek justice by referencing the opinion and guidance of eminent jurists, and their prediction about the future direction of international law.