Fin-Jasper Langmack, Repairing Ecocide – Worthwhile Challenge to the ICC Reparation System, Völkerrechtsblog (July 8, 2021)

The blogpost discusses the challenges of repairing ecocide by examining the ICC Reparation System. The author identifies two constraints of the ICC Reaparation System: first, it is an anthropocentric reparation system, whereas ecocide is supposed to be ecocentric. Second, the reparation system is focusing on concrete events causing specific harm to concrete people, however, ecocide may cause more diffuse harm. The blogpost comes to the conlcusion that the current reparation system is not designed to address ecocide, however it is open enough to accomodate the challenges. The potential of ecocide reparation can strengthen the argument on enacting the crime into law.