Dr Mustafa Emad Mohammed, Ecocide Crime A Comparative Analytical Study in the Light of International Criminal Law, Journal of Juridical and Political Science 2022, 11(2) (January 2022)

Humanity is at a crossroads concerning the protection of the ecosystem. The Scientific evidences refers to that the emission of greenhouse gases and the destruction of ecosystems will have catastrophic consequences for our common environment, despite the progress made in the field of international environmental law, But it has not reached the recognition and criminalization of this threat in international criminal law. Destruction and damage to the ecosystem can therefore be attributed to the anthropological nature of international criminal law. International efforts have emerged to criminalize environmental destruction, such as the policy paper submitted by the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court for 2016, and doctrinal efforts to promote the addition of the crime of environmental genocide as a fifth crime within the context of crimes of which the International Criminal Court.