David Krott, The definitional dilemma- the quest for a definition of ‘ecocide’ and ‘international environmental crimes’, The Resolution Journal Vol 3: Environmental Crimes and Protection 2021 Conference Articles (November 1, 2022)

The field of international environmental criminality presents a very pressing threat on the global level. It, for example, encompasses harm toward wildlife, transboundary pollution and even harm toward indigenous people. Although, these examples represent only a fraction of potential environmental crimes on the international level. Despite its significance, international law still lacks a refined solution to this threat. The terms in question: “ecocide” and “international environmental crimes”, have been given many suggested definitions, but no single definition exists that has been agreed upon by the international community of States. Despite their importance as the central anchor of international environmental criminality, they stand without a clear definition and offer a wide legal grey area. This article highlights the dilemma that results from the lack of a clear definition of “international environmental crimes” and “ecocide”.