Behrooz Sepehri, Nourooz Kargari, Mohammad Ashouri, Ghassem Ghassemi, Environmental terrorism centered on armed conflict in the light of international criminal law. Journal of Environmental Sciences and Technology, (2023) 25(1) 107-123. (March 2023)

Environmental terrorism is a violent behavior that with the intention of depriving the peace, order and security of human societies, by targeting the environment, endangers human life and health and environmental security and whenever at the same time with Conflicts Armed and on the part of one of the parties to the conflict, it causes extensive and irreparable damage and not only endangers the health and life of the contemporary generation, but also endangers the health of future generations and deprives the healthy of environment. Therefore, reviewing strategies to deal with such events is the main purpose of current research.
The present research has been done in a descriptive-analytical manner and in the form of citations through the use of library and electronic resources including books, articles, dissertations, regulations and international documents in Persian and English languages.
The only way to fight with this criminal phenomenon is to bind the parties to the conflict to the norms and regulations related to international humanitarian law and to criminalize the violation of such regulations, in order to control the violence of the conflicting parties within the limits of international regulations. Violation of such regulations will result in criminal prosecution charges of “”international crimes”” or “”serious crimes of international importance.””
Although Article 5 of the Statute of the International Criminal Court 1998 does not forecast environmental terrorism as an international crime, but because of the profound and irreparable harmful effects on human life and health and the health of the environment and the possibility of spreading such effects to remote areas. And even to future generations, international legal doctrine and documents recognize environmental terrorism as an acute example of terrorism and its importance in the line of international crimes and the effects of international crimes on it.